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Personal Loans

Borrow sensibly - Mutual of Omaha Bank can show you how.

Your dream wedding. Your child’s tuition. A once in a lifetime vacation. Paying for life’s milestones often requires a little help. That’s why personal loans and lines of credit are designed to help you put your plans into action.

Secured Line of Credit – Tap the power of your assets to get flexible access to funds.
A line of credit can help you with unexpected expenses. Guaranteed by your assets, a secured line of credit acts like a credit card - you can borrow only the amount you need and pay it back over time.

Secured Loans – A single payment loan borrowed against savings or collateral.
Secured loans may be set up as single payment loans and can be used for home improvements, consolidating debt and more. Receive a lower interest rate by using savings or CDs as collateral. If your credit history is less then perfect, a secured loan is a great way to start rebuilding your credit.

Unsecured Loans – a fixed rate loan with no collateral.
Like a car loan, this is a one-time advance. But the big difference is, there’s no collateral required. Great for consolidating debt. An unsecured fixed-rate loan can provide you with the funds you need.

Unsecured Line of Credit – easy access to your money with no collateral required.
For qualified clients, unsecured lines of credit have a variable interest rate and the flexibility and convenience associated with a revolving line of credit. Enjoy easy access to your account through ATMs, checks and online.

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