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Account Tools & Services

Manage your deposits more efficiently.

View financial and ownership information, run reports, efficiently manage your cash and more with this robust suite of property management tools.

Easy Account Opening

One signature card is all you need for each association. Add new accounts to the same card without obtaining new signatures.

Electronic Statements

Get monthly statements online (DocEx) at the beginning of each month, as well as CD-ROM statements and digital images of checks drawn on each account. Associations can also request a CD-ROM of the entire year’s statements and check images for easy filing.

Lockbox Services

Funds are deposited into your association’s account the same day they’re received. A data file is created and can be retrieved by the management office daily (DocEx), along with a text file reporting daily receipts.

Digital Imaging System

Our Image Digital Imaging System offers an easy way to deposit checks and lockbox payments remotely, through the use of a scanning device located in your business office.

Image Deposit

Deposit your checks remotely – and get your cash flowing. It’s easy to get started. All you need is a personal computer, an Image Deposit check scanner and a high-speed Internet connection. That’s it for fast, secure and convenient electronic deposits of all your checks.

Payment Processing Solutions

Additional payment processing solutions are available:
Accept mobile payments on the Go with Clover
Or check out our additional Merchant Services


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Fred Shapiro - SSB Management Company The typical bank on the corner can’t provide the kind of services that Mutual of Omaha Bank provides. Their expertise in community association banking makes them the best in the country.

Fred Shapiro
Owner. Chief Executive Officer
SBB Management Company

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