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Fixed Rate
Ladder Certificates
of Deposit

Fixed Rate Ladder Certificates of Deposit

Improve your business liquidity and help maximize your returns.

Compared with a single long-term Certificate of Deposit (CD), Fixed Rate Ladder CDs can help to bolster your liquidity and potentially increase your returns.

Locking in an interest rate can help to protect yourself from dips in market rates and maximize
your returns over time. In addition, you can leverage the staggered maturity dates as part of an income stream


  • Available in select states
  • 4 CDs opened in equal amounts
  • Initial maturity terms staggered at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months
  • Initial rates on all 4 CDs equal to current 12 month CD<
  • $2,500 minimum opening balance for each CD (total minimum $10,000)
  • Each CD at maturity automatically renews for a 12 month CD at current 12 month CD rate
  • Interest compounded daily and paid monthly
  • Interest can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually
  • Standard CD early withdrawal penalty apply
To find out more about Fixed Rate Certificates of Deposit now, call: 866.351.5646
or open an account at a community bank near you.

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