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Treasury Management Services

Save time and improve cash flow with a powerful suite of tools and services.

The power to run your business is in your hands with treasury services. Manage your funds and access critical information – on your ‎time – with customizable solutions.‎

Accounts Receivable
Collect payments and deposits efficiently and ‎put your funds to work fast.‎
Payable Solutions
Extend your payment windows, save ‎staff time and boost your bottom line.‎
Risk Management
Mitigate payment fraud with tools ‎that compliment your internal ‎controls for maximum protection.‎
Liquidity Optimization
Manage expected and unexpected ‎payment needs with tools that ‎ensure your cash is in the right place ‎at the right time.‎
  • Credit and Liquidity NEW!
  • Optimized Accounting Structures
  • Concentration Accounts
  • Zero Balance Accounts
  • Investment & Loan Sweep Options
Online Reporting
Make decisions faster with timely information, complete accuracy and transparency.
  • Business On Line Banking NEW!
  • Balance Reporting
  • Funds Management
  • Custom Page and Approval Workflows
  • Robust Reporting and Transaction Search Capabilities

Contact a Treasury Management Representative near you.

To find out more about Treasury Management Services, call toll free: 866-668-7022.

Manage and Maximize the Use of Your Funds

To find out more about Treasury Management Services, call toll free: 866.688.7957

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