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Online Banking

Manage your finances
from anywhere

Online Banking

Online Banking is the convenient way to access your bank account, on your schedule. – all while knowing your transactions are safe and secure on the Mutual of Omaha Bank site. Best of all, it’s absolutely free.

  • Check all your account balances, pay bills and make transfers right from the Home Page
  • Track your expenses in an easy-to-read pie chart -- so you can see where your money is going at a glance
  • View real-time account balances, check images and history
  • 24-hour access to checking, savings, loans and CDs
  • Export history to financial software or spreadsheets
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay bills online

  • View Account Activity

    Where ever you are, you'll always know what's going on with your account. It couldn't be easier to monitor account activity, check balances, track your spending, or verify payments and deposits.

    Online Bill Pay

    Simply the best way to manage your payments.

  • Pay Virtually Anyone. From the local bakery to your credit card company -- even your babysitter.
  • Send Money to Friends and Family. All you need is their email address or cell phone number.
  • Overnight Payments* (check). Payments can be received in as little as one business day.
  • Group Payments into Categories. Organize your utilities, cable and phone into a folder named household.
  • Account to Account Transfers. Even accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Receive eBills. Green, more convenient, more secure and easier to manage.
  • Reminders. Receive updates through email when you receive a bill, or when it's due.
  • Automatic Payments. Great for bills that stay the same each month, like your rent or your mortgage.
  • Search Bill History. Search by company, date and status, the moment you need an answer, wherever you are.
  • Message Center. Get quick answers to questions you might have.
  • Completely safe. More secure than mailing paper checks. 

  • See how you can simplify your life with Online BillPay - check out our demo!

    Frequently Asked Questions about Online BillPay.


    Account to Account Transfers

    Easily transfer money between your accounts, including your accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Transfer funds from there. You can move money between your accounts with us, and your accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Quick and easy. Once your external accounts are set up in the system, just select them the same way you would select accounts with us.
  • Fully secure. Your transfers move over completely secure electronic networks, making it the most secure way to transfer funds.

    eStatements / e1099 Tax Documents*

    Go paperless – you’ll get all the information you get with a paper statement with nothing to file or misplace.

  • Green. eStatements are good for the environment. They literally save tons of paper. Which means fewer trees need to be harvested and less energy needs to be used to make the paper. Choosing eStatements is something easy you can do that really is Earth-friendly.
  • Fast. You get your statement sooner, because online delivery eliminates delays sometimes found with postal mail delivery.
  • Simple. eStatements eliminate the clutter of paper statements and allow you to store and retrieve past statements right on your hard drive.
  • Secure. Identity Theft experts actually recommend electronic statements. Why? Because most identity theft occurs through the mail or improperly discarded paper documents containing sensitive information. eStatements simply protect your information better than paper statements.
  • Free. It costs you nothing to switch to eStatements -- and to have access to every transaction in your account, including check images, right at your fingertips.

    * Electronic Tax Documents are not available for IRA and HSA accounts.

    Account E-mail Alerts

    Set up account email alerts to help monitor your account activity from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

    Enroll Now > or Log in to manage your account >


    * For a fee. Same Day Payment availability limited to selected merchants. See a bank representative for details.

  • Need help choosing the right account?

    A bank representative will be happy to help. Call toll free: 866.351.5646

    Current Clients

    If you have a question about
    an existing account, just give
    us a call, toll free: 866.351.5646