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Coverdell Education IRA*

Coverdell Education IRA

Begin saving for your children's future today.

The Coverdell Education IRA (EIRA) is a great way to set aside funds for qualified post-secondary education expenses of a ‎designated beneficiary. Contributions and earnings from the account are tax free when withdrawn to pay for qualified education ‎expenses that include tuition, fees, books, equipment and supplies.


  • Maximum contribution: $2,000 per child in a tax year. ‎
  • Maximum is in addition to contributions to Traditional and/or Roth IRAs‎

Mutual of Omaha Bank offers several Certificate of Deposit (CD) options for funding Coverdell IRAs, including fixed rate and variable ‎rate accounts.

To find out more about an EIRA now, call: 866.351.5646
or open an account at a community bank near you.

* Please check with your tax advisor for the benefits of an IRA in your specific situation.‎

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