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Traditional IRA Rollovers

Traditional IRA Rollovers

Take control of your retirement savings with an IRA Rollover.‎

Whether you are changing jobs, retiring or just looking for a better, safe return on your retirement funds, Mutual of Omaha Bank can ‎help you with rolling over an employer-sponsored retirement plan or transferring an IRA from another institution.

Mutual of Omaha Bank offers several Certificate of Deposit (CD) options for funding traditional IRAs, including fixed rate and variable ‎rate accounts.‎

Our Money Market IRA is perfect for IRA or 401(k) rollover funds. You get the same rates, Annual Percentage Yields, and dividend ‎payments – and your contributions may be tax-deductible.*

To find out more about rolling over your IRA now, call: 866.351.5646
or open an account at a community bank near you.

* Consult a tax advisor

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