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Open a CD or Money Market Account Today

Now that interest rates have started rising, you can benefit from better rates -- something everyone can appreciate.

That's why you should look into opening a CD or Money Market account through Mutual of Omaha Bank. 


Certificate of Deposit*

 2.25% APY
15-Month CD 

Money Market Account**

1.85% APY
Opening Deposit $1,000
New Accounts Only, Fixed for 12 Months

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APY (annual percentage yield) effective 12/24/18. Please contact a personal banker for further information about applicable fees and terms. 
Limited time offer. 
Rates subject to change. 

*Minimum opening deposit $1,000 required to open Certificate accounts. Minimum collected balance of $1,000 required to earn interest. Penalties may be imposed for early withdrawal. Maximum deposit $10,000,000.

**Minimum opening deposit $1,000 for Money Market accounts to obtain disclosed APY. Fixed Premier Money Market account is effective for twelve months after account opening. After twelve months, your account will convert to a variable-rate Premier Money Market account. At that time, the interest rate and APY will be a variable rate and may change. Your interest rate and APY will be based on the balance in your account.  Minimum collected balance of $1,000 required to obtain disclosed APY. Maximum collected balance to obtain the disclosed APY is $10,000,000 ($10 million). Fees could reduce earnings. New money only (money not currently held by Mutual of Omaha Bank).