Property Management Companies

MutualPay Products

Our MutualPay products are designed to reduce manual processes and create efficiencies for property management companies and the communities they serve. We invest in the technology that saves you time and resources, so you can focus on supporting your communities.

MutualPay VIP

MutualPay VIP

MutualPay Vendor Invoice Pay (VIP) is a total end-to-end solution that automates the entry of vendor invoices into AP accounting systems and creating an easy-to-use automated workflow from invoice receipt through payment

• Prompt settlement to help minimize payment delays

• Preferred vendor status

• Strengthened customer relationships

MutualPay VIP

MutualPay Property Pay

MutualPayProperty Pay simplifies the payment process for collecting fees, dues, rent, and other transactions. Built with residents in mind, the system is simple, streamlined and intuitive.

• Safe and secure payment platform

• Integrates with your accounting software, reducing risk and creating efficiencies

• Reduces risk and removes burden of storing sensitive data

MutualPay VIP

MutualPay Lockbox

MutualPay Lockbox is an intuitive system that makes it easy to accept, process and accurately apply homeowner payments. It helps saves time when researching exceptions with the inclusion of image capture

• Simplifies accepting, processing and applying homeowner payments

• Increases efficiencies and accuracy

• Offers intuitive workflows, access additional information including customer-related research in real time