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Custom Solutions and Dedicated Service that Save Time, Increase Efficiencies and Improve Cash Flow

We’re dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our clients—from deposits to payments, our experienced team will work hand-in-hand with you to find the right services for your business.

We strategically invest in technology solutions that support your industry. We listen to our clients and seek their input on the products and services they need. We work with you to ensure your business has the tools to efficiently manage your company.

  • Accounts Receivable


    Collect payments and deposits efficiently and ‎put your funds to work fast.‎

    • Lockbox Services
      • Classic Lockbox – Save time and expense by processing payments on our high-speed equipment and have access to your funds the next day.
      • Premier Wholesale Lockbox – reduce mail float with lockbox locations in major US cities. Access online details the same day.
      • Automated Whole Lockbox – Remittance detail is available the day it is received.
    • ACH Returns - automated returns to help you minimize losses.
    • Capture/Imaging Services
      • Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) – Deposit funds quickly and easily, with extended deposit deadlines and duplicate detection.
      • Image Cash Letter – Make deposits from multiple sites with image capture.
      • Cash Vault Solutions – Securely process large currency deposits.
    • Receivables Solutions
      • Bill Pay Services
        • Mutual ePay – Deliver bills and invoices digitally.
        • Mutual Quick Pay – Accept payments and donations online.
        • Merchant Card Services – secure, compliant payment acceptance solutions.
  • Payable Solutions


    Extend your payment windows, save ‎staff time and boost your bottom line.‎

    • Electronic Payments
      • ACH & Wire Transfers – Securely move funds quickly, reliably with electronic ACH and Wire services.
      • Commercial and Purchasing Card Program
  • Risk Management


    Mitigate payment fraud with tools that compliment your internal controls for maximum protection.‎‎

    • Positive Pay – ACH and check fraud protection.
    • ACH Blocks and Filters – Protect your company from unauthorized ACH transactions.
    • Multifactor Authentication
  • Liquidity Optimization


    Manage expected and unexpected ‎payment needs with tools that ‎ensure your cash is in the right place ‎at the right time.‎‎

    • Credit and Liquidity - Eliminate idle funds with automated sweep solutions.
    • Optimized Accounting Structures
    • Concentration Accounts
    • Zero Balance Accounts
    • Investment & Loan Sweep Options
  • Online Reporting

    • Make decisions faster with timely information, complete accuracy and transparency.
    • Mutual ViewPoint
    • Balance Reporting
    • Funds Management
    • Custom Page and Approval Workflows
    • Robust Reporting and Transaction Search Capabilities

Treasury Terms & Conditions

Mutual of Omaha Bank offers a variety of treasury management services to its business customers. This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions applicable to all of the Services offered by the Bank. By executing one or more Enrollment Forms requesting one or more Services or by using one or more Services, the Customer accepts the terms of this Agreement and acknowledges that this Agreement, each Enrollment Form executed by the Customer or its Agent and any Supplemental Documentation govern the Services.

Treasury Terms and Conditions (pdf)