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Custom Financing Solutions

Community Association Loans, HOA
Loans and Community Lending

Loans & Financing Solutions

Homeowners Association (HOA) and Community Association Loans

Our experienced HOA lenders can help you complete your project affordably.

Take advantage of:

  • custom financing with competitive rates
  • flexible payment terms
  • expert nationwide HOA lending experience

Resources for the needs of communities

Almost all properties require some sort of financing at one time or another. Whether it’s for managing cash flow, purchasing real estate and equipment, maintenance expenses or some other need, our Regional Account Executives can offer loans for almost every situation.

Find the financing solution that's right for you -- with no brokerage fees

Quick Term Loan Traditional Term Loan Revolving Line of Credit
 Rate Competitive Low Fixed Rates  Rate will be quoted  WSJ Prime +1%
(5% floor)
 Average Approval Time**  2-5 days  10-12 days  2-5 days
 Term  5, 7, 10 years  Varies from 5 to 15 years  Demand Note
 Minimum Loan Amount  None  $100,000  $25,000
 Maximum Loan Amount  $2,000,000  No Maximum  $250,000
 Minimum # of Units  25  25  25
 Prepayment Penalty*  0%  0%  0%
 Suggested Uses
(but not limited to)
 Capital expenditures for
roofs, siding, paving,
emergency replacement of boilers, chillers or other repairs or
enhancements to the common property
 Larger planned infrastructure
repairs, maintenance or enhancements
to the common property
 Working capital needs,
minor purchases,
short term insurance premium financing, vendor payments
to obtain early pay discounts
 Application Fee  $500  Fee May Apply  None
 Origination Fee  None  Origination fee may apply  1% origination fee;
$250 annual renewal fee
 Doc Fees  Fees May Apply  Documentation fee varies
based on loan size
 Fees May Apply

* If prepayment is made by the borrower
** Assumes loan package is complete and no additional information is needed
*** Specific conditions must be met

Looking for an HOA Loan?

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