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Mobile Deposit and Banking Services for Management Companies

Manage Mobile Deposits More Efficiently. Between processing payments, association fees and vendor invoices, maintaining properties and responding to homeowner's needs, you have a lot on your plate. Our mobile deposits and account management tools help you get more done in less time.

Mutual of Omaha Bank's robust suite of property management tools makes it easier to:

  • Deposit checks
  • View financial and ownership information
  • Run reports
  • Efficiently manage your cash
  • Open Accounts Faster


    One signature card is all you need for each homeowners association or property management association. After opening a single card, you can easily add new accounts without the hassle of getting new signatures.

  • Access Electronic Statements Easier


    Choose how you want to receive your electronic statements. Sign up for monthly statements online or receive them through DocEx at the beginning of each month.

  • Take Advantage of Lockbox Services


    Enjoy same-day access to funds deposited into your account. No more waiting a day or more to use funds deposited through mobile deposit or our lockbox services. With Mutual of Omaha Bank, funds are deposited into your association’s account the same day they’re received. A data file is created and can be retrieved by the management office daily (DocEx), along with a text file reporting daily receipts.

  • Enjoy Image Deposit


    Are you tired of having to drive to an ATM or deposit checks in person? Enjoy the convenience of mobile deposit with our Image Deposit System. It makes it easy for you to deposit checks and lockbox payments remotely. All you need is a scanner at your office or on your smartphone to scan, upload and deposit payments into your account.

  • Use Convenient Payment Processing Solutions


    Residents and homeowners want to pay any way. Give them the convenience they seek with our robust payment processing solutions that empower your team to do more, faster.

    Accept mobile payments on the go with Clover.

    Explore our suite of additional Merchant Services.

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