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Receive Your Tax
Documents Electronically

Electronic Tax Documents -- Fast, Secure, Free!

Take advantage of a new Online Banking feature

Now you can file your taxes earlier by receiving your tax documents electronically up to two weeks
before you would receive a paper copy. Plus, protect yourself against identity theft when you receive
your documents electronically rather than through the mail.

And the best part, electronic tax documents are FREE!

Don't wait! Enroll by December 31, 2017 to receive your electronic tax documents for 2017 and enjoy:

Convenience - Make the switch to electronic delivery and have access virtually anywhere, anytime.
Security - Avoid identity theft by eliminating paper documents.
Less waste - Go green and support the environment.

Simply log in to your Online Banking account to enroll.

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Electronic tax documents are offered for eligible deposit accounts and loans. Once enrolled, electronic tax documents
are available for four years (three years, plus the year of enrollment). Tax years prior to 2015 are not available.

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